I am incredibly grateful to so many people, most of all my wonderful husband and absolutely amazing parents and family. Throughout my life, I have been supported by teachers, professors, advisors (official and unofficial), collaborators, and friends -- all too many to list. I appreciate that so many people have put so much of their life into my own personal and academic development and into the development of so many other people in their lives.

My group and I also appreciate consistent support from funding agencies, most especially the National Natural Science Foundation of China. I also appreciate funding from many governments and private charities, including the Kavli Foundation, for supporting astronomy. Major telescopes such as ALMA, JWST, and Hubble Space Telescope require significant resources, while other telescopes must receive some support. Every telescope I have ever used, from small-aperture to ALMA, has functioned well because of an extremely dedicated workforce of support astronomers, technical staff, engineers, (for Palomar incredible cooks!), janitors, and everyone else.